Hi there! We’re Max & Tripolli!

Meet Me!

We love to lay in the sun and get cozy.

Meet Me!

Outdoor adventures

are our favorite!

Meet Me!

What do you say we meet
and get to know eachother?

Meet Me!

Welcome to our page!

Our goldens are truly one of a kind! They’re friendly, loyal, and the best dogs to have around.

Dog Training

We train our dogs to be the most kind, well-behaved dogs you could meet. They’re super friendly and love people.

Truffle Training

We can train our dogs to become truffle hunting experts! Our pups can find the finest truffles in the area, and we sure do enjoy them!


We specialize in dog breeding. Each and every one of our newborn pups are raised with great care and love!

Our Dogs

Here are our five beautiful dogs. View their bio and read a little about them.